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Selected websites that show the variety of sites we’ve created.

Below is a 12-page website that we designed and for which we created concept, logo and content.  Live since March 2009.


Below is a website design that is being evaluated by one of our clients. The logo and content of this site has been obscured to protect their privacy.

Design treatment

Below are three layouts for a website design upgrade currently under construction for one of our clients, an opera revue touring company.  The design concept is a theatre stage built from elements of the client’s brand (logo, colors, textures, stage sets, etc).  The feel is operatically opulent with a dash of humor and theatrical flair in line with the website copy.  The entrance page will have a brief Flash animation of a stage curtain rising; below, one can see the animation’s “before” and “after.”  The design layout for the website inner pages is also shown, followed by an alternate version that has an additional menu at page bottom (for ease of navigation on the internal pages, most of which are scrollable).

Design for Entrance Page “before” curtain rise animation
Design for Entrance Page “after” curtain rise animation
Design for Internal Pages
Design for Internal Pages, with additional menu at bottom

Below is a landing page for a website under construction.


Below is a 38-page website that we designed and built based on client-supplied photos, graphics, color scheme and copy for a spare and sophisticated look.  The site features thumbnails, a technique that makes for an attractive layout and which was in fact necessary in the pre-broadband era when dial-up connections with their slow download speeds were the norm.  For this site we also did the photo cropping and resizing as well as some retouching.  Live since 1999.


Below is a 2-page website that we designed and built to have a rich feel with clean lines.  Using photo, audio and CV received from client, we did collaborative copy-writing; copy-editing; photo-retouching; minor audio-clip editing. The site uses hidden text, a technique which in this case enables Google and the other search engines to find the site using either the client’s married surname, or her maiden name (with a few words of biographical update attached) without altering the legible copy of the site.  Live since early 2008.


Below is a 10-page website that we designed and built for our own IT-consulting firm with a short, clear, can-do look.  Live since 1999.  Current site design is less than a year old and features a fixed-size page with self-contained scrolling sized for the range of screen resolutions typically in use today.


Below is a 35-page website that we designed and built to give a charming effect using graphics and copy created by Anne.  The site contains thumbnails and enlargements, some animated graphics (as animated GIFs), and printable forms (as PDFs); it also features a secure e-commerce on-site store where greeting cards can be securely purchased using PayPal.  Live since 2001.


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