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Meet our team!

Anne Djupedal, graphic designer, website designer and programmer

Anne (pronunciation “AH-nuh”) brings a diverse set of skills and over twenty years of experience to her work as a designer, HTML programmer and copy editor/writer.

After receiving her BFA in music, visual arts, and language followed by a university diploma in computer programming, Anne spent eight years as a computer software developer for securities firm Drexel Burnham Lambert.  Since moving to personal-computer-based work she has written and edited a variety of texts ranging from software how-to manuals and educational materials to promotional literature and has taught a series of PC classes to help “computer challenged” individuals work more comfortably on the PC.  At WHA she continues to tutor clients in various PC programs in addition to working with website and graphic design clients.

About design for today’s business, Anne says, “Your logo and your website can do a lot for you. Your logo is your key design asset because it goes everywhere your name goes – and perhaps even some places your name doesn’t.  And getting a website is hands-down your best promotional move because it makes it so easy for people to find you whenever the interest strikes them, day or night.  Your site is always there, always working to turn your visitors into customers, supporters, new markets.”

Wayne M. Gura, project director, website architect and webmaster

Wayne is the founder of Woodhill Associates, LLC.  In his dual roles as President and Senior Technology Management Consultant, Wayne brings over twenty-five years of hands-on management experience in professional and financial services, medical-device manufacturing, electronic media and securities industries in both staff and matrix management settings.   He has managed planning, development and implementation of sophisticated hardware and software projects for the department, division and enterprise.  Wayne has extensive experience in software development and quality assurance as well as hardware and software implementation - from mainframe and mini computers to PC, client server, networks and the Internet.  He is regarded as both a business manager and a hands-on technical manager with the proven ability to make sound decisions encompassing technical as well as strategic business needs.

Wayne’s experience in the corporate world has included projects of international scope.  A notable example: as Director of Information Systems at a Johnson & Johnson company, he managed the complete design and implementation of all the technology and operating environments for Johnson and Johnson's newest, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Cork, Ireland.

Wayne currently serves on the Technology Advisory Committee for the Wilton, CT, school district; as well as serving on leadership teams for other local social and support groups.

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